The Border Collie is a very elegant, intelligent, and loyal breed of dog. They love to work hard and respond well to training, which is why they are most often used as working dogs or sniffer dogs. This faithful breed of dog thrives well with stimulation and companionship.

Here we will discuss the breed characteristics and parenting guide of the Border Collie.

Backstory / History of the Border collie

The history of a Border collie is not very long; they originated for the first time in Northumberland, a place that is present on the border of Scotland and England. The main objective of the development of this breed is cattle herding. This breed is called the “Border Collie” because they developed in a place on the Anglo-Scottish frontier.

Today’s Border Collies are descendants of a dog known as the Old Hemp. That dog has a tricolour appearance and was bred by Adam Telfer. That dog was very intelligent and was used by many shepherds because there were no famous herding dogs in that area.

In 1915, the name “Border Collie” was first used by James Reid, the Secretary of the International Sheepdog Society, and later registered it as a separate breed along with other already registered Collie breeds.

Around that time, the Border collie has helped hundreds of herders over the years on the border of Scotland and England, and they are famous in those areas due to their intelligence and herding qualities.

The Border collie reached its peak in the late 1800s when it first participated in an official sheepdog trial competition in Bala, Wales. In 1984, Old Hemp won the competition for the first time and then went on to win this competition. All the popularity and fame that the Border collie has today is due to that incredible Old Hemp dog.

Are border collies a good family dog?

Border collies belong to the sheepdog family; they can be good pets, but only those that do not have the intense herding instinct. Similarly, those families who know how to deal with this behaviour can also make them good pets.

What’s bad about border collies?

There are good and bad habits in every dog, as in the case of the Border Collie, they have a very hyperactive character and can drive you crazy due to their destructive and obsessive behaviours. They will do different creative things to release their physical and mental energy.

Another annoying thing that can be frustrating is that when you train a Border Collie, he is constantly analysing and thinking about every little move and not paying much attention to training. The Border Collie is also very sensitive to touch and sound.

Do Border Collies bark a lot?

The Border Collie is a barking machine. They can easily feel any new stimulus, which is why they bark so much. Barking at people on bikes, barking in the car, and barking at lawn mowers is one of the main behaviour problems.

They do not let anything or anyone pass them. If they see something suspicious, be it on a human or a skateboard, they will start barking and send them on their way if they are concerned. However, the fact is that the person is already going down that path and the dog mistakenly believes that it is their barking that sends them off.

What are the average height, weight, and life span of Border collie?

An adult Border is about 22-27 inches tall and weighs around 2 to 45 pounds. The average life span of a Border Collie is around 10-17 years.

Are border collies aggressive?

The Border Collie is not an aggressive breed of dog. They like to herd anything that gets in their way and can also nip as it is part of their behaviour, but they do not do it with any malicious intent. If they show aggressive behaviour, it means they have an undiagnosed health problem.

Do border collies like to cuddle?

Border Collies are well known for being very kind, loving, loyal, naturally devoted, and love to please their owners. The Border Collie owner has reported many times that their dog never leaves their side, and due to their sensitive nature, they love to snuggle up in bed.

They love to snuggle, and they like to be close to their family or owner. Due to their overly energetic and fearless personality, they are often overlooked as a cuddly type of dogs. After a long day of training, they love to snuggle.

Are border collies good off-leash?

Border Collies are herding dogs, which means they are natural and most reliable for off-leash activities. If you train them properly and put them to work after that, they can become natural off-leash workers.

Is it better to get a male or female border collie?

It is completely your choice if you are looking for a welcoming, outdoor dog, then a male Border Collie is the best for you. If you want to have a more loyal, focused, and attentive dog than a female Border Collie, it will be the best for you.

Can border collies be left alone?

Border collies are one of those breeds that cannot be left alone for long. If you are out of the house for a few hours, arrange a pet sitter for your puppy. Like few other Border Collie breeds, they can easily develop separation anxiety and distress.

Are border collies easy to train?

Border collies are very intelligent and love to learn new things that make them easy to train as purebred dogs. They can be trained in any part of life, but it is important to train them when they are puppies. However, you will need a few things, like treats, to attract your pup.


The Border Collie is one of the excellent herding dog breeds, but it can also make a good family dog ​​with proper training. They are extremely smart and love to learn new tricks. However, it is best to start their training from an early age.