Thinking of taking your dog to the beach, well, it doesn’t get any more enjoyable than that.

But before packing the car with spades and buckets and hitting the beach, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to consider your dog’s safety on the beach first and then choose the best location for your pet and make sure you have all the stuff and experience to make this trip full of fun and memories.

If you live in Melbourne, Australia, and want to take your dog out on the coast, first look for beaches where dogs are allowed. Each dog-friendly beach has a different policy, so check with the authorities before planning your tour.

Here is the list of dog friendly beaches in Melbourne, Australia, that you can go and enjoy with your furry companion.

Sandown Street Beach (Aka Brighton Dog Beach), Brighton

According to most Melbourne pet owners, Sandown Street Beach is one of the most dog-friendly beaches in all of Melbourne. This beach is only 11 km from the CBD, and there are many shops and cafes in that area.

Brighton Dog Beach is an off-leash dog beach open to dogs all year round. The best thing about this beach is that it is shallow and securely fenced, making it better for smaller dogs or those dogs that don’t feel safe going into the deep water. An added benefit of this fenced-in beach is that you won’t have to go too far to retrieve your ball.

If you think you’re enjoying your day on this beach, you can also drive to the dog-friendly Black Rocks and Mentone beaches.

PA Burns Reserve, Altona

If you want to enjoy the city’s inner west with your furry companion, PA Burns Reserve and the beach provide variety and different arrangements from other beaches. This beach can get extensive, especially when the tides are lower and pets also enjoy at that time. This beach is not fenced, and your pup can enjoy the vast area if he is not comfortable with other pets.

Once your pet is done enjoying the shallow water, there is a vast land to shake off the sand before heading back to the car. And don’t forget to checkout out the grilled fish and chips on offer near the legendary beach.

St Kilda West Beach, St Kilda

Port Philips dog beach is very popular because it is close to the city and there are many quality people you will find on that beach. There is no doubt that this beach is one of the most sociable places in the city.

When you’re there, you can also have a coffee at the West Beach Pavilion cafe and sit there and let your dog run around the sand on the beach without worry. If you think your dog is not exhausted yet, you can take him for a walk to St Kilda.

Whites Beach, Torquay

With some great beaches in the city of Melbourne, Whites Beach is one of the best places to visit at any time of year with your furry friend. This beach is technically not Melbourne, it is an 80-minute drive from the CBD, but it is still worth putting it on the list of dog friendly beaches. A white beach is an excellent place for those dogs that love to play in the waves.

White’s beach is more of a kind of destination where dog owners feel a friendly vibe and often stop there for a little chat with each other. When you’re there, consider going to a cafe called Salty Dog cafe.

Warrandyte River Reserve, Warrandyte

If any of you have been there, you should know that this place is not exactly a beach, but this place will appeal to your water-loving dog. People who live around the Warrandyte River Reserve love to take their furry companions to shore for a dip.

If you go there, give your dog plenty of opportunities to stop, run around and cool down.

Mornington peninsula Beaches

The Mornington Peninsula is basically a mix of resort towns, urban areas, rural lands, and tourist attractions. Exercising your dog on the beaches of Mornington is a great way to get outside. But during the summer, when the beaches are crowded, there are some beaches that required your dog to be on a leash.

When taking your dog to the beaches of Mornington, be sure to watch out for signs indicating whether the area is leash-free or not. If you don’t see any signs, it is recommended to keep your dog on a leash until you reach a leash-free area.

Dogs are not allowed on some beaches on the Mornington Peninsula between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Other than that time, it is recommended that dogs be on a leash at all times.

Authorities often advise dog owners to let their dogs enjoy leashed free time in designated areas off the Mornington Peninsula.

Dog-friendly beaches Frankston city

The city of Frankston is a unique combination of stunning coastal scenery, urban experiences, and hidden bushland jumps. Like you, your dogs can also escape from the daily routine and enjoy new adventures on this beach.

However, there are few restrictions on the beaches from December 1 to the end of March each year. Dogs cannot access any of these beaches between 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. during December, January, February, and March. After and before the time limit, dogs can visit but must be kept on leashes.

Pet owners are advised to bring plastic bags to clean up the dog’s waste. If pet owners fail to do so, a ticket will be issued. There are a number of areas on the beaches called free-roam areas where dogs can enjoy and exercise under the control of their owner.


Just like humans, dogs love to go to the beaches, and if you are in Melbourne, these dog friendly beaches will provide you with a perfect place to enjoy time with your best pal. Cherish those moments

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