There was a time when there were signs posted in front of different business centers that read, “No dogs allowed, except service dogs.” Now, the time has changed in Australia, and many of the big stores like Bunnings and other small and family businesses are allowing furry companions into their stores.

However, in Australia, pet owners are very happy, and now they love to go shopping because they take their furry child with them, especially their dog.

From a business point of view, it is also a business advantage to allow the dog owner to come to stores with their pets. But there is still an exception, and there are some stores that do not allow dogs with you.

When it comes to dog-friendly shops, Bunnings is the most famous and always in the news here. We will discuss the fact that Bunnings are dog friendly? What are their rules and other stores that allow dogs in Australia?

Is Bunnings dog friendly?

Bunnings has a long dog-friendly history. In 2015 they opened and allowed their stores for the first time for dogs. If you are located anywhere in the US or Europe, this may sound strange to you because, in those countries, dogs are allowed anywhere humans are, but in Australia, this is a big problem.

Dog owners in Australia feel amazing as they can bring dogs to Bunnings. People also share their photos with their four-legged friends and help them in marketing too. In fact, people are showing pure enthusiasm because they are excited to have more than one place where they can hang with their furry mates. 

Can you take dogs into Bunnings 2020 And 2021?

Unfortunately, a few months ago, a dog bit a girl’s leg in the Melbourne store. After that incident, the rules are changed, and now the dogs must be in trollies or muzzled or in your hand.

Dogs are still welcome at the Bunnings store across the country, but new company policies state that “Dogs you bring too Bunnings must be friendly and be secured in a cart or muzzled when you carry them along.”

After that incident, Bunnings COO Debbie Poole appears in front of the news and updates society on the new rules. She said, “We have been a pet-friendly store since 2015, and people have been bringing their dogs in the back of their cars and trucks, but we have updated our deadline and policies on dog entry in our stores”.

Poole further said that “we know that people have different views on our policies, and we are getting a lot of feedback from customers. However, we have tried to use common sense and apply a balanced approach. “

She further said that “We welcome dogs in our store that are under control, friendly, or well secured in a vehicle or trolley. We use these instructions as a guide for clients and always hope to do what is best for our clients. We are open to suggestions if any customer has any questions, they can talk to their local stores”.

What are the rules?

As mentioned above, the rules have been changed because many clients and team members express their concerns and speak up. That is why we must take note of that.

After the screening policy, the rules for bringing dogs to Bunnings are that “Dogs are allowed if secured, muzzled or carried in a cart.”

Bunnings have revised their policies on how people have asked them and hope this will bring about a good change in society.

Other dog-friendly stores in Australia

Like Bunnings, other stores are dog-friendly, and other shopping centers where dogs are allowed. Some famous places to take your dog are

Chapel street

Chapel Street Precinct is one of Australia’s largest retail and entertainment districts in Melbourne. A Chapel Street member Chrissie Maus takes the initiative to allow dogs in the stores and make the stores friendlier and provide a great social experience for shoppers.

In addition, she said: “World Animal Day is the world day for all people who love pets. Instead of having your dog at your house, you’d better take it with you while shopping. We know how important the relationship between animals and humans is. So our stores are open for your four-legged friend forever. “

Pet Barn Australia

Pet Barn is a pet-friendly store and sells all pet-related equipment. Pet Barn believes in the fact that life is better and easier with pets. They understand the feeling you get when you see your dog at the front door, and they welcomed you with all the warmth.

That is why Pet Barns has dedicated all of its stores to serving pets and their passionate owners. It is important for them that your dog receives all the warmth and affection and provide their customers with the products, advice, and services essential to becoming a great parent of pets. This is the vision that made Pet Barn one of the leading pet supply retailers.

They aim to make shopping easier for your pets. All Pet Barns stores have well-trained and passionate staff who can also assist in caring for your pets.

Woolworths Australia

Woolworths is an Australian supermarket chain. They make the news when a photo of a woman and her dog at the grocery store goes viral. Woolworths has spoken out on the matter and confirmed that pets are allowed inside their stores only if they are assistance animals and have sufficient certification to accompany their owners while they shop. “

In accordance with Australian law, customers who have registered their companion pets are welcome in our stores. Apart from that, they do not allow animals or pets in their stores.


Bunnings and other stores in Australia are opening up to pet-friendly shopping. However, it is important to visit dog-friendly stores according to the guidelines given.

Is Bunnings dog friendly