It’s a truth that we have to admit and that is our young pups, do grow up and that means when they get to the senior years they are a changing dog. Their needs will start to differ and the way they go about life will change. It is up to use to be the care givers for our loved dogs. They may become more sensitive physically and mentally, their bodies and minds start to change. They will need our help to live out their years here with us. If your senior dog could sit down with you and have a conversation about what they would like from you to help them, these are some of the things they would be truely grateful for.

Keep Them Comfortable

As your dog gets older they will become more sensitive. During those hotter and colder times of the year your senior dog is really going to feel it. Make them more comfortable by cooling them down or making sure they are warm enough. Fans during the summer and coats when it gets really cold. Little things like this will go a long way in keeping your pup comfortable.

They May Need Some Alone Time

Don’t get us wrong your dog loves your company and is truely grateful for all the love and care. But even if it is for a few moment here and there they will appreciate some time to themselves. Were they can have a quick nap and rest if they need. Trying not to worry all the time about them will also be good for your too.

Keep Active

exercise will keep your dogs body and mind functioning as well as it can. You will not be able to go on runs or do activities that your pup was able to do back in the early days. But however it is still important to get out there with your dog. They still want to spend time with you, so even if it is a very lite stroll or even a short walk around the backyard. Stimulating your dogs mind through physical exertion is always good.

More Beds

Providing your dog with many more locations around your house that are soft and comfortable for them to lay down will be much appreciated by your pooch. Senior dogs generally spend more time sleeping then the younger pup they used to be. Using soft blankets and linen or buying more soft bed will be perfect. As their bodies become stiffer with arthritis and hard surfaces will be painful for them.

Diet Changes

As your dog ages their nutritional needs will change. They will require different amounts of certain nutritions to help with maintaining health and reduce the onset of potential conditions associated with older age.

At Cherish our Super 7 Years+ is formulated to maintain mental alertness and joint mobility. Prevention is better then cure as your dog gets older. This food has brain-boosting combination of marine DHA and plant-based essential fatty acids which help sustain mental alertness and cognitive health.

Weight Control

As your dog gets older it is wise to work with your vet to maintain a healthy weight for your pooch. Your dogs weight is rather important always but even more so when they get older. And weight change is very common in older dogs. As joints age and activity slows down, weight management is a priority. Our formulation includes glucosamine to support healthy cartilage and 80% lean quality protein from meat. To ensure your cherished companion always feels like a puppy at heart, we have a trio of ancient grains to provide low GI sustained energy and a rainbow of anti-oxidant rich superfoods. You can read more about our recommended food for senior dogs and see what other benefits it will have for them.

More Veterinary Care

As you make the time to work with your vet on your dogs weight you will also have to generally make more time to visit your vet for the great good of your ageing dogs health. Unfortunately it is more common in older dogs to start experiencing the onset of joint pain, mobility issues, weakened immune systems and other age-related illnesses. These will mean more visits to the vet. Switching to regular checks with your vet is highly recommended.

Ramps and Other Assistant

Your dog will want to keep up with you even as they get older. So making sure they can with the use of ramps to help them get in and out of the car. Within your home if your have harder to access places. Making it easier for them to move around is a good idea. Just like you would customise a home for an elderly person, making your home more senior dog friendly will help them out.

These are just some of the ways your senior dog will really want you to do to help them in their later years. The more you can do the help them live more comfortable and health conscious later years. This will increase their life quality and making them much more happy for your help. And they do appreciate it!

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