The Science by Dr Nick Costa

Cherish Pet Food is at the forefront of scientific pet nutrition. Formulated by our Technical Director Emeritus Professor Nick Costa, Cherish Pet Food has incorporated selected functional ingredients, at optimal levels, for their unique benefits after reviewing the latest peer reviewed published scientific research. COCO MCT™ is a key ingredient in all our products to assist with brain development, neural function and sustaining cognition in later life. This unique and concentrated blend of medium chain triglycerides also assists to develop and maintain a healthy gut microbiome which has multiple health benefits. Below are some of Emeritus Professor Nick Cost’s scientific accolades and achievements.

We take care of the science, so you can Cherish more moments together.

Graduated 1973 University of Adelaide with Bachelor Agricultural Science with first class Honours in Agricultural Biochemistry.

PhD in 1977 based on Carnitine Biosynthesis and Metabolism.

Appointed lecturer in Biochemistry and Nutrition at The School of Veterinary Studies at Murdoch University Perth, Western Australia in 1977.

Became Head of Veterinary Biology and Biomedical Sciences in 2000.

Appointed Dean and Chair of Sustainable Agriculture Science Murdoch University in 2005.

Retired in 2011 and accorded the title of Professor emeritus.

During his time, Professor Costa established and led research teams in ruminant intermediary metabolism and nutrition, trace element metabolism and companion animal clinical nutrition including dilated cardiomyopathy in Boxer dogs.

Co-authored over 150 scientific publications including 2 books.

Honorary editor of the Nutrition Society of Australia from 1990 – 1994.

Served as the Australian representative on the International Committee for Trace Element Metabolism in Man and Animals (TEMA) from 1988 – 1994.

Chair of the Environmental Committee for Meat & Livestock (MLA) 2007 – 2010.

Formulated pet foods for over 40 years that have included commercial super premium foods as well as clinical pet foods only available through veterinarians.

Formulated scientific and innovative range CHERISH with a focus on neural development, brain function, behaviour and sustaining cognition in Cats and Dogs.