Maintaining optimal body weight for your beloved canine or feline family members over the entirety of their lives is an important matter we must control. Science has established that maintaining optimal body weight and conditioning can assist with their total wellbeing.

So how can we manage body weight and conditioning for our pets?

Energy density requirements at any life stage can be different and it is important the food we provide meets that requirement. It is important to note that individual dogs and cats may have differing energy requirements. Active dogs/cats, may require a food with higher level of metabolisable energy (ME) compared to a dog that is less active. This energy rating is listed in the nutrient profile panel as kcal ME per 100g as fed. Kcal stands for kilocalories and is the unit that we measure for the energy content the food is providing.

Managing your canine or feline family members energy requirements can be difficult as there can be a difference in the quality of ingredients being utilised in one food to another. It is then important to have all other nutrients incorporated at an optimal level to assist with total wellbeing. Monitoring your pet’s body condition will guide you if you need to increase/decrease the amount of food provided or provide a higher/lesser energy dense food.

Cherish Pet Food has carefully selected, sourced and included high quality natural ingredients as well as the complete range of nutrients required. They have then been optimally incorporated at scientifically established levels to ensure the energy provided meets their nutritional requirements and to nourish mind, body and spirit.

We take care of the science, so you can Cherish more moments together.