Not only is turmeric gold in colour but it is also scientifically proven nutritional gold. In fact, turmeric has multiple scientifically established benefits making turmeric a key ingredient in any scientifically based super premium pet food.

To capture the benefits, it is vital that the active ingredient in turmeric be appropriately activated. Benefits derived from activated curcumin include anti-inflammatory actions, sustaining neural function thoughout the differing life stages, antimicrobial actions (antiviral, antibacterial), wound healing properties and antioxidant effects.

Pets absorb the activated curcumin in their gastrointestinal tract with it then being distributed through the body via plasma to provide the benefits listed above. In addition to the physiological effects, sustained intake of turmeric has assisted with improvements in behaviour including decreasing anxiety.

Turmeric is a safe ingredient when incorporated in the diet at scientifically established concentrations. Choosing a reputable and certified scientifically based pet food is important for the optimal health and wellbeing of your pet throughout every life stage.

Cherish Pet Food has included turmeric in their entire range at scientifically proven established levels to nourish mind, body and spirit.

We take care of the science, so you can Cherish more moments together.