Cognitive health and function at any life stage is important for optimal health and wellbeing. Whether aiding in developing the brain, maintaining optimal brain function or sustaining cognition in later life, there are certain ingredients that can have a positive impact.

Science has shown that Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) can provide extra energy, in addition to glucose, to the brain to assist at every life stage of our beloved canine and feline family members. Science has also proven that as they age, their cognitive function declines just like us which is why we have selected specific fractions of medium chain triglycerides and incorporated them at optimised concentrations for each species and each life stage. This will assist our senior pet’s cognitive function by topping up the energy required and demanded by the ageing brain.

Other major benefits, besides the cognitive benefits, of medium chain triglycerides include antimicrobial properties that benefit neonatal microbiome development as well as energy supply for puppies and kittens whilst they are growing. Supporting ketogenesis by providing a preferential source of energy, without the weight gain. Ketones are oxidised for energy in the heart, muscle and brain and not stored in the body.

Cherish Pet Food has included specific, sustainably sourced medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil at scientifically proven concentrations to assist canine and feline family members at their specific life stage to nourish mind, body and spirit.


We take care of the science, so you can Cherish more moments together.