Fibre can be broadly defined under soluble and insoluble and assists in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Science has established that finding the optimal balance can improve digestibility, nutrient absorption, stool quality and quantity as well as minimise gastrointestinal upset.

Fibre produces short chain fatty acids, particularly butyrates, which becomes food for colonocytes in the intestinal tract. These colonocytes are critical for water balance in the lower colon which is an important attribute for stool firmness. Butyric acid can also assist with insulin sensitivity, regulating gut hormones, improving the intestinal barrier, increasing appetite suppression, improving mitochondrial function and having anti-inflammatory qualities.

Fibre also has prebiotic components, which provide food for beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome. The beneficial bacteria are vital to support major immune functions and assist with maintaining healthy organs and overall wellbeing.

Cherish Pet Food has carefully selected and incorporated high quality, natural ingredients to provide an optimal balance between soluble and insoluble fibre to assist manage your canine or feline family member’s total wellbeing and to nourish mind, body and spirit.

We take care of the science, so you can Cherish more moments together.